YOW is a NEXCOM EBS-1563 that I purchased in October 2003 from Orbit Micro. The EBS-1563 is no longer in production. It is a small 7" x 9" x 2" (roughly 180 mm x 230 mm x 50 mm) embedded computer. I purchased it with the VIA Eden 667Mhz fanless processor. It was also available with the 800 Mhz and 1 Ghz C3 processors, but these versions required fans

It turns out that the Eden 667 Mhz processor runs really hot! The Fujitsu hard drive shut down when the case temperature hit 60° C. So I added a fan to the computer and now it is fairly loud. Small cases seem to cause a lot of fan noise to be generated. The fan was removed when I switched to the second disk.

The computer has three Realtek 8139C ethernet ports. The first goes to the ADSL modem. The second goes to my LAN. The third goes to a wireless router.


YOW in it's natural habitat. From left to right: external drive for backup, ADSL modem, YOW with a four port switch on top, and UPS. You don't see the wireless router because I had to move it to the main floor (stupid iPad).


Due to hardware failures the system is on it's:

[1] To be fair, the first ADSL modem didn't fail, it just became obsolete.

Have gone through four ISPs... but still kept the same static IP: -> wiznet -> magma -> primus.