YOW Status Log

All times in 24 hour clock EST/EDT.


August 17 Moved seanm.ca back to Amazon.

August 11 At about 13:00 got the Nexcom working again.

August 10 Bad news on the work front. Nothing done today.

August 9 Sometime between 16:00 and 21:30 YOW's disk went bad. I couldn't read the data off it, so some email was lost :(

Tried to recover: white box computer failed, 3.5" to 2.5" adapter failed.

23:00 Powered up the 'Winder to get the network back.


Year End Moved seanm.ca website back to YOW. I have also stopped adding kernel upgrades to the status log. Unless something goes wrong, it really is just one minute downtime.

August 30 10:20 Web server back up. I forgot to restart it after rebooting with the new kernel :(

August 29 18:35 YOW was down less than one minute while I installed a new kernel.

January 25 19:15 YOW was down less than one minute while I installed a new kernel.

January 23 14:36 YOW was down less than two minutes while I installed a new kernel. YOW was not vulerable to the keyring bug.


Year End M38A1 files gone. seanm.ca is just the front page, comics, and gig calendar.

Sep 26 18:00 to 18:50 YOW was unavailable for brief periods whilst I upgraded the kernel. The config file that I *though* was good was missing some iptables modules.

YOW was up 552 days; over a year and a half.


Year End Another year. I did drop the m38a1.ca domain. I also removed all the stompbox files from the website.

March 22 22:30 Built a shelf above yow and moved yow + friends up on it. Yow was down 20 minutes while I physically moved it and rewired everything.


Year End Still moving towards a smaller footprint on the web.

September 2 Moved seanm.ca to Amazon.

July 13 Moved rippers.ca to Amazon.

July 11 Moved m38a1.ca to Amazon.

February 25 Big software upgrade from 21:55 to 22:30.


Year End Again trying to reduce the load on yow. Cleaned up m38a1.ca, seanm.ca, and emacs.seanm.ca. Now make more use of CSS to reduce the size of the files and therefore reduce the load caused by crawlers. Pages now more uniform in appearance.

April 28 YOW is now running the 3.0 kernel.


Year End Starting in September I have been actively trying to reduce the load on YOW.

October 23 After 10 years of service, I have switched from thttpd to lighttpd. Thttpd has served me well, but I need PHP support.

January 7 We had a power outage. Powered down YOW at about 15:22. Back up at 15:40.


September 24 We had a power outage from roughly 19:06 to 22:20. We had high winds, there was a loud crack, and the power went out. Looks like a tree took out the power. YOW was down from about 19:20 till 22:30. We cooked supper on the Coleman stove.

September 8 15:15 Got a replacement battery for UPS. Halted YOW to plug into UPS. Internet did not come back up. At 1:10 decided to try the Speedtouch modem... and the internet came right up.

August 19 22:30 Rebooted YOW to upgrade the kernel for a security patch.

August 18 19:15 YOW was down for twenty minutes for a hardware upgrade and to blow out the dust. For the Princely sum of $18, YOW got an Ultra ULT40127 5 port (4 external) USB 2.0 PCI card. Now I can run USB drives at full speed. The onboard USB are only USB 1.1.

August 16 11:20 YOW crashed again with the same symptoms... but I found the problem. I heard the UPS beep when YOW died. I rebooted and tried the test button -- everything powered down. So after 10 years, the battery is dead. I will try to get another battery tomorrow and see if that solves it. But for now I have disconnected the UPS and am running straight from the wall.

August 13 YOW crashed again on Friday the 13th... figures. Same as on the 4th, all the LEDs where off but I could hear that the fan and disk where still running. I could not connect over Ethernet and the console connection was dead. Logs where very empty. Last web access was at 14:05 and was successful. So I rebooted at 19:20.

August 4 YOW crashed! I got up today and all the LEDs where off, including the Ethernet ports and the power LED, but I could hear that the fan and disk where still running. I could not connect over Ethernet (wired or wireless) and the console connection was dead. So I rebooted at 11:25. YOW had been up for 471 days.

Logs where very empty. An ssh attack at 6:50 to 6:52. Last web access was at 8:07 and was successful. Then nothing till the last log message: Aug 4 08:08:03 yow kernel: eth1: link down

March 4 20:25 to 21:00 yow was offline while I upgraded to Slackware 11. A couple of blips after that. No reboot required.


April 20 16:50 Rebooted YOW to update the kernel.


August 3 4:14 Internet connection back up. I am using the new Speedtouch modem. Seems to be working fine but I may switch back to the Ovislink. The Speedtouch seems to run very hot.

August 2 10:12 Internet connection went down again.

July 7 10:34 Was contacted by Bell. The speed on the line was all messed up. I now have internet! I was down 7 3/4 days.

My download/upload speed is also now 3008/512 as reported by the DSL modem. I was at 1769/640.

June 30 Bought a new ADSL modem: a Speedtouch ST516. Same problem as with OvisLink; DSL is good but pppd cannot connect.

June 29 Internet connection went down about 16:25. ADSL link still good, but pppd could not connect. Primus thinks the ADSL modem is bad.


November 10 YOW was down from about 13:25 to 15:25 due to a harddrive crash. Tried to fix it, but it just got worse, so I switched back to the good ol' Winder.

Bought a new harddrive from a local computer store. 80G! The smallest they had. YOW is currently using about 1.6G of disk space.

Luckily I did a complete backup when I upgraded to the 2.6 kernel. And both the /var and /home partitions where still good on the old drive, so I shouldn't have lost much.

Update: 21:45 to 21:50 switch back to the new improved YOW.

November 3 I expect some brief outages while I test a 2.6 kernel on YOW in preparation of moving to Slackware 12.

Update: The 2.6 kernel is now running.

October 28 Large ssh attack from mail.pirel.com ( Over 2,000 requests where made.


January 19 YOW was down from roughly 22:00 to 22:30 during a failed attempt to install a Sangoma ADSL card.

January 18 There where short internet outages from 21:00 to 23:00 while I tested out a Sangoma ADSL card in another computer.

January 1 Upgrade to Slackware 10.2.

Next time: installpkg a/kernel*.tgz *before* bulk upgradepkg.


There where no entries for 2005 because YOW has been very stable! YOW had an uptime of about 500 days before a cat /proc/net/ip_conntrack caused a kernel oops.


August 15 YOW was down from roughly 21:00 to 22:00 as I upgraded from Slackware 9.1 to Slackware 10.0.

August 9 Starting August 4, a spammer has been forging messages from seanm.ca. Due to the backscatter, incoming mail went from roughly 100 messages a day to thousands of messages a day.

This has forced a change in the policy for mail to unknown users. In the past, all mail to unknown users was redirected to me. Now all mail to unknown users will be dropped.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If there are any problems, a valid email address is provided at the bottom of this page.

June 15 YOW was rebooted at 20:00 for an upgrade to 512M of RAM. It was then rebooted a few minutes later to install the new 2.4.26 kernel in response to SSA:2004-167-01.

May 3 YOW was rebooted at 22:40 to install the new 2.4.26 kernel in response to SSA:2004-119-01.

April 23 YOW is back online! The new DSL was active at roughly 9:50 today. I went home at noon and at 12:58 YOW was live.

April 21 The old DSL went offline at 8:05. Waiting for the new connection to go active.

April 20 YOW will be down sometime April 21 to switch from a 1M to 3M aDSL service! Woo hoo! This will mean the uplink will go from about 340k to 800k. However, since I will probably be at work when it happens, I cannot esitmate the downtime.

April 6 The power was inadvertently pulled on the DSL modem and YOW was inaccessable between 13:30 and 18:30.

February 18 YOW was rebooted at 18:50 to install the new 2.4.24 kernel in response to SSA:2004-049-01.

January 7 YOW was rebooted at 18:52 to install the new 2.4.24 kernel in response to SSA:2004-006-01.


December 2 YOW was rebooted at 19:42 to install the new 2.4.23 kernel in response to SSA:2003-336-01.

November 27 YOW was down from 20:00 to 20:10 while I replaced the blower with a 40mm fan. While this now frees up the PCI slot, it is just as loud as the blower. Sighhh

October 19 I screwed up the log rotation script for thttpd and lost all the logs for Sunday. Grrrr. Should be fixed.

October 18 I believe all services are now running on YOW. ViewCVS has a very simple and ugly replacement.

October 11 Around 1:00, I switched out YOW for Yow. It looks like the drive overheated and failed. At about 1:40 I swapped YOW back in with a 'Winder fan. Anyone with a 'Winder knows how LOUD the fan is, so I plan on getting a quieter fan.

Update: I could not get a 40mm fan locally on short notice, so I purchased a blower that installs in a PCI slot.

October 5 At 23:15, I replaced the 'Winder with the new hardware. Not all services are live. Web, gopher, and mail should be working. Web stats and CVS (for example) are not.

Older, 'Winder based status.