YOW Status Log


August 31 Web stats are down. The Webalizer cannot read it's history files. I have all the logs, but Webalizer needs them in chronological order and I switched web servers once or twice so I will have to build an ordered version.

August 30 dsl.ca was down from Sat Aug 30 23:11:28 EDT 2003 to Sun Aug 31 20:27:06 EDT 2003. Late august has not been a good time for connectivity.

August 14 We where hit by the big blackout. Power went out at 4:09pm, UPS gave out 6:46pm. Power back on August 15 at 2:12 pm. For some reason the UPS shutdown script did not work.

They are threatening rolling blackouts, so YOW may be unstable for the next week or so. Update: THe blackouts never happened.

215 days of uptime a new record.

July 30 YOW hit 200 days of uptime.

July 2 Upgraded to rp-pppoe 3.5. Hope this might reduce the DSL problems I have been having lately.

March 1 February was a record breaking month. First month with > 10,000 visits. First month with > 100,000 hits (actually 140,000). Almost had > 1,000 visits on one day. Alot of the hits where due to the interest in duct tape in the states. But the SToP site is also doing very well.

February 19 Switched back to thttpd. The experiment with Gofish was a success, but I wanted ViewCVS back.

February 5 If you type "fanless power supply" into google, my site is the number one hit!

January 21 The CVS server was down for a few hours this afternoon due to a security advisory. It is now up and running with a shiny new version.

January 15 YOW was down most of the day (02:37 to 18:54). The connection went down, and the pppd died. I had run the wrong startup script and nobody was watching the fort.

January 10 Still having some teething problems with 2.4. I also patched a bug in GoFish that was taking 100% cpu.

January 5 YOW was down from about 20:15-20:30 while I upgraded the RAM to 128M.

By the way, alexa.com now rates seanm.ca at 813,143. seanm.ca broke 1 million before m38a1.ca.

January 4 The 2.4 kernel is now running. With the kernel PPPoE and iptables! A couple of brief downtimes: 16:45-16:55 17:40-17:43 to get this running. More details at the NetWinder rev 6 page.

January 3 Good news and bad news. Good news: I got the 2.4 kernel running on YOW :-) Bad news: I am having trouble getting pppoe running :-( So I am back to 2.2. Downtimes for today where (all pm): 7:30-7:45, 9:30-9:35, 9:50-10:05, 11:45-12:05, 12:30-12:40. So dsl.ca is off the hook again.


December 31Last entry for the year. I never did get the 2.4 kernel running on YOW in 2002, hopefully next year. Since I did an overview in September, all I am going to do here is post a link to the 2002 overview page.

Happy new year!

December 24 Ok, this time the DSL was just going up and down like a yo-yo. I will try rebooting the modem.

December 23 During the attempted upgrade I changed from RP PPPoE to the kernel PPPoE. When the DSL went down and came back up, the PPPoE did not start. Not really the fault of dsl.ca.

December 22 YOW was down intermittently between roughly 18:30 and 19:00 today while I made more attempts to move to a Linux 2.4 kernel. The DSL downtime was due to the changes and was not the fault of dsl.ca.

December 21 YOW was down intermittently between roughly 23:00 and 24:00 today while I made initial attempts to move to a Linux 2.4 kernel. The DSL downtime was due to the changes and was not the fault of dsl.ca.

December 11 The YOW gopher server was "slashdotted". http://www.barrapunto.com/ put a link to the "500 mile email" on their site and it was picked up by bloggers everywhere. It was 8th on daypop.com and 11th on blogdex.com. The dust seems to be settling now, but the gopher server had over 5,000 hits on the 9th with a maximum of 453 hits per hour. Almost no crossover to other pages though.

November 13 The cause of the last two crashes on YOW was the GoFish web server. A major memory leak was causing it to eat all all available memory. The new 0.22 version fixes the bug.

November 12 YOW was down again today :-( Much the same symptoms as last time. I believe it is one of two things. Either the script I wrote to check on the servers went south *OR* the GoFish web server was leaking file descriptors. The logs do not show the problem but I did find a couple of edge conditions where file descriptors would be leaked.

November 10 YOW was down today between 22:32 and 22:52. I have not been able to find out the cause :-(

November 9 The thttpd web server has served me well (pun intended unless you think it is in bad taste) but I have switched the web site over to the GoFish web server. The GoFish web server does not support cgi scripts, so the search engine is gone for now.

November 6 The gopher server was down for the 4th and 5th. I am hoping the next upgrade will solve the problem.

October 31 Had over 5,000 visits this month!

October 11 Moved all my computer equipment over 8 feet so I could install more shelving. Sorry for any temporary glitches. I will soon have to "bite the bullet" and unplug Opus to move the power cord.

October 10 This is only indirectly related to YOW, but Opus, my 'Winder development machine, just reached 365 days of uptime.

September 27 m38a1.ca is now ranked 1,559,043 by alexa.com. Can a top 1,000,000 be far away?

September 1 Time to reflect on one full year of web stats on yow. On a monthly basis, hits are up about 81% and visits are up about 123%. A solid 80%+ of all hits are to m38a1.ca. m38a1.ca is now ranked 2,477,135 by alexa.com. A graph of the sites, except m38a1.ca, shows a steady upward trend on all sites.

On the World Domination front, we have picked up at least one country per month. Greenland still eludes us.

August 3 After several abortive attempts, upgraded to the 2.2.19 kernel.

August 1 m38a1.ca ranked 2,477,429 by alexa.com! seanm.ca didn't even rank.

July 30 At about 7:00pm I stupidly killed the ssh server and had to reboot.

July 25 Updated the gopher server to GoFish. gopher://seanm.ca

May 10 For the last 4 days the net connection has been very slow. In desperation, I rebooted the DSL modem. Lo and behold, the connection is good again. Go figure.

March 18 Some may have noticed that YOW was down between 10:00pm and 11:00pm March 18. Sad but true. The eth1 port went south and I had to reboot. I still do not know what went wrong. Made it to 169 days of uptime.


September 1 Started keeping monthly web stats.

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